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This is a pet project of Sri N. Vijay Siva effectively introduced in 1994 through YACM (Youth Association for Classical Music). This was started in order to create fresh rasikas for this art form, from schools. It aims at inculcating an interest in South Indian Classical Music amongst the children/youth who know very little or nothing about Classical Music. Stemmed out of a concern over the lack of training atmosphere for children to appreciate Carnatic Music, which once upon a time was beautifully woven into the family culture, this scheme introduces the young minds to this great art form and turns them into informed listeners in a short span of time. It is a process of taking them through a concert with commentary (English/Tamil) and telling them the what and how of it's ingredients. One of the salient features of the BAR is that it teaches them "How to appreciate" and not "How to perform".


It spans for just 90 minutes but enough is sown for them to blossom into genuine rasikas anytime during their lives, if not at once. Vijay Siva and his YACM team have reached more than 135 schools in and around Chennai covering about 60000 students, including programmes and lectures in village schools. If you are Interested in conducting a Build-A-Rasika in your institution, school or organization, please contact Sri N. Vijay Siva through the contact us page


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